In response to mixed-up monsters

In response to Tim Morton’s post on chimerical monsters, some thoughts. 

One way to rework ecologists and others at ‘evolutionary purpose speak’ when they come out with some version of ‘x is to/for a’, is to change the ‘to/for’ into ‘that’, and the infinitive to third person present. So ‘one way to rework’ becomes ‘one way that reworks’.  The focus is then on one aspect of what x seems to us to do relative to a, without presuming any prior purposiveness.

Don’t know whether this can work with Aristotle, but it works with Attenborough at least for domestic consumption. Whatever he comments on does whatever it does that has whatever effects it has without doing it to have those effects. The kids shout ‘not to, that’. 

‘In Our Time’ this morning was a discussion about determinism with some quite eminent philosophers > . The discussion rather skirted quantum entanglement.

One thing not explicitly addressed was the fare/fate of the anthropic principle, strong or weak, in a determinist but not teleological cosmos (actually determinism seems quite compatible with tautology).  The anthropic principle, weak or strong, acknowledged or not, seems to me to underlie and underpin all classical/conventional ecological and philosophical observation, so normalising anthropocentrism.  Anthropocentrism is inevitable, but it need neither be privileged as a perspectiveless perspective, nor disparaged as a species-culture-specific prejudice.  Instead we need a theory and model of experience and empathy in terms of quantum entanglement.

Strawson came really quite close to something somewhat similar to OOO (as did his father), in recognising the idea of free will as an entity of experience. Some development of this (like OOO) may potentially resolve the teleology of the strong version, in a sort of tautology that may enable quantum entanglement to mediate Munchausen’s trilemma.

NB Monster derives from monstrum portent or monster, from monere to warn.  Apparently it isn’t related to monstrance, from monstrare to show. 


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