More about kindness

Brief notes as time for writing now somewhat limited.


Kindness is turning out to be a very interesting word.  Kindness means recognising ourselves and each other as of a kind, of one kind, like, alike, akin, of one ilk.  In terms of justified true belief, OOO’s model of real and sensual obects and their real and sensual qualities posits metaphor as unjustified but true belief, and knowledge – understood as a kind of expertise – as justified but untrue belief.  This will need further unpacking later. Modelling seems more accurate an account than knowledge.

If epistemology is always empathy with one’s previous experiences, the experiencing of resemblance, likeness, identity, similarity, and familiarity of one encountered experience with another, that likeness may be sufficient to entail and entrain kindness, recognition of shared features, like metaphor, so unjustified but true belief.  Knowledge as expertise also evokes experience to produce experimental or other empirical evidence for models, requiring reference to and reconciliation of experiences – via empathy – for justification.

Reflective consideration reveals empathic re-encountering of experiences as what epistemology does.  Remembering is re-membering of experiences; recall, recollection, reflection, review, revision of accumulated experiences develops experience as expertise.

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